Incredibly Colorful Desserts by Sam Murphy Are Taking Over Instagram

Sam Murphy Galactic Cheesecake

Who says vegan food has to be boring? Australian chef Sam Murphy’s experiments in the kitchen with vegan baking have led to extravagant creations which left us speechless with their beauty. Whether it’s stunning, space-themed cakes, or colorful rainbow popsicles — this talented chef elevates vegan food to a sinfully-delicious art form.

Sam Murphy regularly posts images of her creations on Instagram, which leave her hundreds of thousands of followers always hungry for more. You can also buy her cookbook on Amazon which has more than a 100 plus vegan recipes.

Here are a few more pictures of her desserts for your viewing pleasure.

Sam Murphy Galaxy Cupcakes


Sam Murphy Vegan Sea Cheesecake


Sam Murphy Galactic chia puddings


Sam Murphy Vegan Galaxy Donuts


Sam Murphy Vegan Rainbow Popsicles


Sam Murphy Galaxy Crackers


Sam Murphy Vegan Rainbow Donuts


Sam Murphy Vegan Galaxy Popsicles