Molo Studio’s Soothing Urchin Softlight Will Change It’s Shape Based on Your Touch

I just fell in love with the urchin softlight from molo studio. The lamp in the light is enclosed in a flexible shade, which is made from a tear and water resistant textile that can change its shape when manipulated.
Urchin softlight from molo studio1

Urchin softlight from molo studio 01

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With its elastic movement and shifting form, urchin softlight invites playful interaction. Using flexible honeycomb geometry, the textile shade expands and morphs into myriad shapes as you manipulate it with your hands. Its curious motion is akin to that of a sea creature, giving the luminary its unique name.

Designed by Stephanie Forsythe &Todd MacAllen, the lamp is available at molo studio for prices starting from $300 to $800..