Do You Remember? An Exhibition of Childhood Memory Sculptures

Australian sculptor John Abery has created a series of sculptures about childhood memories. The sculptures, which are primarily made of wood depict oversize ‘hyper-real’ items that are or were of significance to his and other people’s childhoods. The sculptures include an oversize teddy bear that is free standing at a height of 1.8 meters.

Teddy bear sculpture by John Abery Australian Sculptor


Also part of the collection is a oversize spinning top, oversize children’s tricycle, oversize lego man toy, huge bowl of marbles, large meccano set truck and a massive trinket box full of various sewing and dice and other items. All of the sculptures have been made oversize to emphases what these objects are like for children.

Giant trinket box, let go man and teddy bear by sculptor John Abery

Let Go Man, The Trinket box and Wood you like to meet my teddy? Sculptures by John Abery.

Spinning top, brothers red trike, wood teddy & meccano set truck sculptures by John Abery

Spinning top, brother’s red trike, meccano set truck and wood teddy sculptures by John Abery.

These works are currently on exhibition until the 25 September 2017 at the Cowwarr Art Space in Victoria, Australia.

Check out his website, to see more of his work from this exhibition and other sculptures.