Hannah & Nemo’s Upcycled Moving Mosaic Hexagons

“We created these moving mosaic hexagons as an homage to nature, evocative of honeycombs and snowflakes, the moving discs change color throughout the day or season, reflecting their surroundings in soothing shades of grey-blue.”

Hannah & Nemo create textile-like interactive mosaic assemblages from common materials – wood, nails, and discarded aluminum cans. Utilizing low-tech tools such as hole-punchers and hammers, the couple transforms common beverage cans into reflective, multi-colored, flickering tapestries that seem to move of their own accord.

Hannah & Nemo’s use of aluminum cans correlates with their compulsion to recycle and conserve in every aspect of their life, but has evolved into a representation of the conflict between consumerism and environmentalism, depicting what is essentially a time capsule of contemporary graphic design. By utilizing hundreds of tiny fragmented details from aluminum can graphics, the couple hopes to give their audience an appreciation for the fleeting beauty of the everyday mundane that might otherwise be lost to history.

Residents of the Texas Hill Country, the couple have been making art since 2004. Although not formally trained in art, Hannah & Nemo have been influenced by their study of architecture, incorporating elements of design theory such as color, pattern, space, texture, repetition, and movement to articulate their aesthetic concept through traditional construction techniques.

Visit their website to learn more about their artworks.