Eco Group Deflates Tires of Over 1000 SUVs In Sweden

An eco group, calling itself ‘The Indians of The Concrete Jungle’, deflated the tires of over a 1000 SUVs in Sweden. The group has alleged that Sweden has the ignominious distinction of being one, if not the most Carbon Monoxide emitting countries in Europe. They started by deflating the tires of 60 SUVs in the city of Stockholm. This details of this "achievement" was posted on their blog, and the movement spread rapidly. They claim that over a 1000 SUVs have had their tires deflated in at least nine Swedish cities, and that new ‘tribes’ are making their presence felt everywhere.

Funnily, the aggrieved owners of these SUV’s have banded together to form a counterforce, which calls itself ‘The Cowboys of the Concrete Jungle’ and have threatened to "deflate the lungs of the Indians".

Volvo XC90

Snip from their blog:


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