“Skip” – An Animated Love Story

Skip is a charming little animated film, whose two central characters unwittingly traverse through time and movie genres, only to finally end up falling in love with each other. Created…

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Talk To Me – An Animated Short Film

In Noise, Allen Mezquida’s everyman Smigly struggles to cope up with the information overload brought upon by social networking. His latest animated short, Talk to Me, features him in a…

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Noise – A Short Film

Say hello to Smigly, an everyman figure who meanders through the insanity that is modern life. In this short film, Smigly tries to battle his addiction to social media. The…

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The Monk & The Monkey – Animated Short Film


The Monk & The Monkey is an animated moral fable, that has something for both casual viewers as well as hardcore animation fans. The film is a visually arresting piece, with its bright, pleasing colors, and terrific animation.

The story of the film is quite simple. Ragu, an excitable, but determined lad, is on a quest to become a monk. His final task given to him by his master, though seemingly trivial at first, soon puts him at his wit’s end. Whether Ragu becomes a monk or fails in his mission, forms the crux of this tale.

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