Red Rabbit – A Short Film by Egmont Mayer

Red-Rabbit-Short-Film We are all creatures of habit. When we look back on our lives, most of us would find a long list of lost opportunities and missed connections, all because we are simply afraid or unable to break our habits.

Red Rabbit, an animated modern fable by Egmont Mayer, tells the story of a lonely young man who lives in a small apartment with a gigantic rabbit. He has very less contact with the outside world, and is content to spend his time feeding and caring for his huge pet. His life is suddenly thrown into turmoil, when a friendly neighbor enters his life.

Will he choose life (and possibly love)  outside his apartment, or does fate have something else in store for him?

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Khoda – An Award-Winning Short Film

Khoda_Animated_Short_ Reza_Dolatabadi

Reza Dolatabadi, the director of the multi-award winning Khoda, wanted each frame of his graduation film to look like a painting.  His labor of love took over 2 years to complete – as he had to painstakingly create 6000 lush paintings to make his 5 minute film.

The animated film has been described as a “psychological thriller” by its maker. It depicts the terrifying struggles an individual undergoes to escape the confines of a claustrophobic prison. Except that this prison is unlike any other. The ending of the film is left open for interpretation by the viewer.

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Did You Know?

We sure live in interesting times. Someone crammed a whole lot of interesting, mind-boggling statistics into a 5 minute animated video. Enjoy. [via Cislunar Space Blog]

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