Monsters Vs Aliens – Leaked Trailer

Monsters Vs Aliens is an upcoming stereoscopic 3D animated film from Dreamworks Animation studio.

The storyline of the film involves Californian girl Susan Murphy, who turns into a 49-feet-11-inches tall (not the 50 foot woman, get it ?) monster after being hit by a meteor from outer space. Now called Ginormica, Susan is captured by the military and held in detention with other monsters in a secret government facility.


When a mysterious alien robot lands on Earth and starts attacking the country, Susan and her motley crew of fellow monsters are called into action by The President to save the world.


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Zoudov – 1960s Style Spy Film Short

Zoudov - French Animation Short The animation short Zoudov was created by three students – Clement Bolla, Aurelia Vernhes and Laurent Gillot,  as their final year project at the Supinfocom animation school in Arles, France. 

Set during the heyday of the cold war – the paranoid 1960s’, the short film has a lot of suspense, espionage and an absolutely brilliant soundtrack. It is very similar in style to Pixar’s The Incredibles. The animation is smooth and fluid, and the production is first-rate. The ending may be a disappointment to some, but it’s perfect, when you consider the genre of the film.

This creative trio have a brilliant future ahead of them.


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