Sèx in The Future

Watch a humorous short video titled 'Sèx in the future', complete with vintage music and a great payoff in the end. 

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ipod Nano Case Speaker Kit

If you still have your ipod nano's plastic case lying around, here is a great way to recycle it. You can attach this speaker kit from Bird Electron to convert…

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Ipod Touch Commercial – Music Is My Hot Hot Sex

The latest ipod touch commercial is based on the fan-work of Nick Haley, an 18 year old British student.

Nick used clips from various ipod touch videos on Apple’s website as the source material and combined it with a catchy song from Brazilian band CSS to create his own commercial. The song titled "Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex," has an exotic female voice and an upbeat tempo, both of which made it perfect for the commercial. Nick uploaded his creation on youtube, and it wasn’t long before Apple contacted him and bought the rights to the concept.

Watch the official production video of the commercial by Apple.

You can also watch Nick’s original creation here.

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Leslie Fiest – 1234 Complete Video

Watch the complete video of Leslie Feist’s hit single ‘1234’ from the album ‘The Reminder’. The song was featured in the latest ipod Nano commercial. Leslie’s songs have been featured in advertising campaigns for many companies like Lacoste, HSBC, Verizon/LG and ofcourse, Apple.

The single ‘1234’ was her first single to break into the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, courtesy of the ipod commercial.

Also, watch the ad featuring her song for the ipod nano .

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Apple iPhone Class Action Suit

A lawyer has called for people from California to join a class action suit against Apple. He wants consumers to band together to punish Apple, for releasing a crippling software…

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