“Through The Veil” – New Paintings by Tatiana Suarez and Craww


San Francisco-based art gallery, Spoke Art are debuting “Through the Veil,” a two person art show featuring a collection of new paintings by Tatiana Suarez and Craww, tonight at their Sutter St. gallery location.

While the artistic styles and inspirations of the two artists are quite different (Tatiana is from Miami, and Craww is from across the pond in the UK), the duo are united by their haunting, yet sensual treatment of the female form in all its fragile vulnerability in their works.



Tatiana’s subjects, doe-eyed vixens depicted through a traditional pop-surrealism lens, expand on the artist’s Cuban heritage with a tropical palate of greens and yellows, interacting with the flora and fauna of the rainforest. The artist’s history as muralist, painter and illustrator come together much like an “ajiaco”, a traditional Cuban stew comprised of diverse ingredients, to inform her new body of oil and acrylic paintings on paper and canvas.

Craww, who was born and raised in the United Kingdom, creates haunting and beautiful works. His subjects have a delicate fragility, depicted with extended matchstick limbs, entwined in a bed of ravens and roses, both recurring elements found throughout his paintings. His women are shown primarily with their eyes closed (a stark contrast to Tatiana’s), resting in what can be interpreted as either a peaceful slumber or a welcome death.

The exhibition will be on view through October 26, 2013. Visit Spoke Art for more details.

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Model Houses Made From Credit Card Applications



Pennsylvania-based artist, Jeremiah Johnson created these mini houses by cutting up and piecing together unopened credit card applications that were addressed to him. What makes this series more poignant than humorous is that fact that he modeled the houses on real ones that had been torn down around his hometown to make way for the booming fracking industry. The series was conceived and constructed during the debilitating housing crisis which affected many American lives.

Johnson was raised on a fruit and flower farm in the mountains of north central Pennsylvania. His work ethic, he reveals, was influenced by his simple upbringing. He also makes very large paintings that are inspired by the art of “Thomas Hirschhorn with a 70’s/60’s twist and pop icons mixed in.”

Johnson received his BFA from Tyler School of Art of Temple University, before going on to get his MFA in print, paper and book arts from Syracuse University.  He currently teaches printmaking at Lycoming College, and arts and craft courses for the Pennsylvania College of Technology. He also works full time in his studio making art about culture, folklore, and survival.

Johnson’s houses and paintings will go on show at his first solo exhibition, “Never Enough,” which will be presented by the Converge Gallery from February 7, 2012 to February 14, 2012, at Kostabi World, 24th Street, New York.

Visit this link for more details.

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Magnetic Cyanotype Animal Sculptures by Tasha Lewis



There is a certain joyous playfulness in the sculptures of artist Tasha Lewis (previously), who is currently exhibiting her latest works in her solo show, “Moments of Thaw,” at the Harrison Center in Indianapolis. Though her sculptures look like taxidermied animals at first glance, each piece is actually crafted out of paper, tape and recycled materials, which are held together by powerful magnets. She once gets the form of the animal right, she covers the body with a “skin” of fabric cyanotype images, which have been hand-sewn to one another. Every part of the covering is a photograph made from a digital negative, and some skins are a collage of over 15 different images.

More from her site:

My work for this show explores how sculpture can transition through seemingly impermeable barriers. For the past year I have been creating pieces which use magnets to almost magically connect separate pieces of mixed media sculpture through solid walls. The result is that the natural form— my main muse— appears to be both actively breaking through the enclosure while simultaneously remaining dependent on the solid form to give its body shape. Thus, these animals and plants are arrested during a surge of forward momentum. The ‘thaw’ of the show’s title is the apparent momentary loss of solidity that the glass container, wooden box or plaster wall has experienced which allowed nature to break through.

The exhibit will be on view till January 25, 2013 at the Harrison Center.

Visit her site for more details.

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Spoke Art’s Summer Group Show



Debuting today in San Francisco, Spoke Art Gallery’s annual ‘Summer Group Show’ will feature a diverse range of terrific art from local, national and international emerging artists. The exhibition will showcase works of varying mediums and styles, representative of the new contemporary art scene.

The show will have it’s opening night today (August 2, 2012), from 6pm – 10pm. It will be on view till August 25, 2012.

Visit Spoke Art’s site for more details.

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Ron Ulicny “new works” Art Show


Ron Ulicny’s “new works,” an art show featuring his surrealistic deconstructed sculptures,  is currently on display at the Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco.

In his newest body of work, Ulicny utilizes his fascination with transforming an esoteric plethora of familiar objects, in unfamiliar positions in order to create classic and modern innovative sculpture. “new works” will feature thirteen new pieces, each which present a unique take on the three-dimensional form. 

As much a craftsman as artist, Ulicny strives for individuality in each of his creations.  Instead of merely classifying his work as “assemblage or “found” objects, the artist puts specific intention, meaning and weight behind every detail in his work.  Armed with a keen eye for design and illustration, Ulicny pushes boundaries of sculptural work that pushes and pulls the viewer in with both thoughtfulness and humor.  With his visceral constructions, Ron challenges our initial perceptions of life, experience and everyday happenstance thus creating simple yet stunning affects.

Ron is a trained artist, photographer, musician, and craftsman, who lives and works in Portland, Oregon. His “new works” will be on show through March 22, 2012, at the gallery.

Visit Spoke Art for more details.

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“Unreal Estate”- Art Show Explores Famous Pop Culture Locations


Spoke Art Gallery is presenting “Unreal Estate,” the debut art show of talented illustrator Tim Doyle, which recreates fictional locations made famous throughout pop culture. Doyle says that the show “is a collection of locations that many of us know and have been to on a weekly basis at times, but we can never actually visit.”

From Moe’s Tavern to the Bluth Banana Stand, Doyle’s realistic and illustrative reinterpretations of television’s most iconic places is a captivating voyage. For this new body of work, Doyle has moved away from his usually big bold colors and comic-book line quality to create a more illustrative style, with muted tones and colors that reflect a mood or time of day.  He attempts to preserve and honor the non-physical spaces found in this show with the same care and intention given to iconic real world locations.  This series is one artist’s intensely personal journey through a world which is universal to us all.

The show will have it’s opening night on February 2nd, 2012, from 6pm – 10pm. It will be on view till February 23, 2012.

Visit Spoke Art for more details.

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Contests and Exhibitions

Broaden your artistic horizons with “Contests and Exhibitions,”  a brand new section on JazJaz, that will bring you news about the latest art, design and photography contests and exhibitions, from around the world.

100,000 Photos For Hope is a one day photography exhibition and auction, that will be held on the 16th of July at the Melrose Arch, Melrose, Johannesburg, South Africa.  Interested photographers can participate by donating images for sale and auction at the event.


All proceeds from the event will go towards ‘The Sunflower Fund’, an initiative to fund the placement of impoverished patients into the South African Bone Marrow Registry, and to provide hope to those suffering from life threatening blood disorders.

Visit the Facebook event page for more details.


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