Axe Dark Temptation Ad – To Be Banned in India

Ricky says,

“The Indian Ministry of Information & Broadcasting is, in its wisdom, trying to ban a rather harmless television commercial for Axe Dark Temptation deodorant. Terming it “indecent, vulgar and repulsive,”  the Government has written to the Indian Broadcasting Federation to stop the telecast of the commercial on various TV channels.

Don’t these idiots know that people can watch it on Youtube, anytime ?”


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Axe Hero – Funny Commercial

One more great commercial for Axe deodorants. This one is from France for their latest deo - 'Hero'. It's a bit long drawn, but enjoyable, nevertheless. The hunchback is a…

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Axe Pulse Ad From Argentina

This ad for Axe Pulse deodorant, titled ‘Quake’, is from Argentina. The ad-makers have eschewed the typical raunchiness, that is the trademark of most Axe commercials, opting instead for more subtle, classier advertising.


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