Controversial Advertising – Top 10 of 2008 in Australia

The Australian Advertising Standards Bureau released its ‘Top 10 Controversial Ads in Australia’ report for 2008. The agency received more than 2,350 complaints for 540 ads released on television, outdoor and print mediums.

So, how offensive really were these ads that made some Aussies mad enough to pick up the phone and call the bureau? After searching around a bit, I was able to find most of the commercials and advertisements online.

Without further ado, here are Australia’s top 10 controversial commercials of 2008:

(10) Motorola – Razr Mobile Phone

This harmless commercial for Motorola’s Razr mobile phone received more than 40 calls from viewers, ostensibly horrified by the use of the Razr as a melee weapon. The bureau dismissed the complaints and did not ban the commercial.


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Axe Dark Temptation Ad – To Be Banned in India

Ricky says,

“The Indian Ministry of Information & Broadcasting is, in its wisdom, trying to ban a rather harmless television commercial for Axe Dark Temptation deodorant. Terming it “indecent, vulgar and repulsive,”  the Government has written to the Indian Broadcasting Federation to stop the telecast of the commercial on various TV channels.

Don’t these idiots know that people can watch it on Youtube, anytime ?”


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