Something Somewhere – Surreal Illustrations by Boris Pelcer


Mechanical Pencil & White Gel Ink on Bristol. 7 x 11 in.

I just fell in love with these dreamy and surreal illustrations by Boris Pelcer, an artist and designer based in Idaho, USA. Using just mechanical pencils and white gel ink on Bristol Paper, Pelcer takes us on an exploratory journey through the deepest recesses of his subconscious.

Via his artist’s statement:

I can sense the presence of enclosed spaces within my psyche. A hidden collection of obscure moods & thoughts that I can’t quite comprehend. In attempt to better comprehend some of it, I’ve developed this series. It is a stroll of curiosity in search of something insightful, somewhere within the hidden valleys of my psyche.

Boris was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, but emigrated to the USA with his family. He teaches graphic design and typography at the University of Idaho.

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