Tasha Lewis’s Butterfly Swarm Sculptures



Artist Tasha Lewis has spent the last month traveling around the US to install her ephemeral butterfly swarms onto metal objects in public urban spaces. Her lovely butterflies seemingly liven up the drab locations, just as their real life counterparts do.

Each of her 400 butterflies were made by printing double sided cyanotypes on cotton fabric. After cutting the images, she stiffened them with glue, before hand sewing a small but powerful magnet on the bodies of the butterflies. As she uses magnets, there is no harm done to the objects which she has chosen to attach her sculptures to. Tasha says that this is very important, as for many of her installs, she does “pan-temporal collaborations with artists who create sculptures for public spaces.” She also adds that she hopes her installations will turn into public performances and events, while the swarm grows even more bigger in size.

Tasha is currently based in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can visit her Tumblr where she features an ever growing photo collection of the sculptures.

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