How Lithuanians Battled Winter with Creativity



Lithuanian winters can be notoriously harsh, with temperatures sometimes falling below –25 C. The people of the country, who were already depressed due to six months of cold weather, were really crushed when mid-April only brought more snow.

New!, a Lithuanian ad agency, decided to cheer up the people by running an outdoor poster campaign (in collaboration with outdoor experts JC Decaux) in the capital city of Vilnius. Titled “Good things – coming soon,” the upbeat posters announce that summer would be soon be coming along, and with it the promise of warm sunshine, sandy beaches, less clothes, more berries, and brighter colors.

The ongoing campaign is being well received, with calls coming from places like Luxembourg to share the posters. It’s quite heartwarming to know that though these posters were created by an ad agency, there are no logos, nor any products or services being advertised.

Here are a few more images from the campaign.


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