When it rains, it sure does pour. Cartoonist Grant Snider shows us how a brainstorm occurs in the mind of the human animal. Prints of the comic are available here.…

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The Amazing Adventures of Kid Cole & Klay – Opening Title Sequence

“The Amazing Adventures of Kid Cole & Klay” is the title of an unproduced, ‘50s B-Movie inspired animated TV series created by Pete Candeland and Stu Connolly for Cartoon Network.

The storyline of the show involves a unlikely pair of heroes (two pizza delivery boys), who, thanks to a mistakenly dialed phone number, are called to rescue the planet from aliens, monsters, and other assorted villains.

The director of the series, Stephane Coedel, posted the lush opening title sequence of the cartoon online, and it looks and sounds truly spectacular. It’s a pity that this series was cancelled. I wish someone would pick this up soon.

You can watch the title sequence after the jump. I do recommend watching it in HD on Vimeo.


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Batman – Terror of the Monk

Terror of the Monk is an animated fan-made tribute celebrating the 70th year anniversary of the Batman comic book character.

The animation was created using original art by Bob Kane and Sheldon Moldoff from early Batman comics like Detective Comics # 27.

This cartoon has it all. Vampires, werewolves, crazy gadgets, and a beautiful damsel in distress. Oh, and the Dark Knight actually uses a gun to fight evil.

This is a must watch for the Bat’s fans.

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MyToons Cartoon Classics Channel on Vuze

MyToonsCom_logo, one of the best online animation communities, now has a ‘Cartoon Classics’ channel on the Vuze Network. Vuze (formerly Azureus) is basically a bit torrent client which allows users to publish and share original DVD and HD quality video content on its network.

The channel features classic characters like Betty Boop – one of the world’s first animated sex symbols, and the cigar-chewin’, spinach-lovin’ Popeye the Sailor.


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The Idiotic Adventures of Philippe and Pierre – Animated Web Series

The Idiotic Adventures of Philippe and Pierre is a continuing animated web series produced by Pileated Pictures and directed by Dave Schlafman.


The storyline of the series is very simple. Pierre need a head, and Philippe needs a body. Though Philippe conjures up various schemes to unite himself with a very willing Pierre, their quest always ends with disastrous, hilarious (and painful) results.


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