Illustrator Jen Bartel’s Awesome Galactic Cats

Quick: What’s better than cute, multicolored cats? That’s right, multicolored cats from outer space! Minneapolis-based illustrator Jen Bartel’s awesome little project “Galactic Cats” features cosmic kitties, whose disembodied heads seem…

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Cat in the Book Bookmark

Awwwww! This must be one of the cutest bookmarks I’ve ever seen. The ‘Cat Bookmark’ is one of the many whimsical creations of Kara, an artist based in Georgia, USA.…

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Cat Food Tins With Beautiful Illustrations




You will surely agree that “One Love” brand’s cat food tins, adorned with ornate illustrations by Russian artists Lala Vaganova and Oksana Grivina, are some of the best looking you would have ever seen. If you pay close attention, you will notice that the felines in the illustrations have been portrayed with fur made up of their favorite foods.

The branding of the product was conceptualized by Polina Bogdanova, the head of the Arkthompson design studio in Moscow, Russia.

[via Lustik]

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Cat Alphabets

Alphabets created using the ‘Cat Effects’ app, by Martin Löfqvist, an illustrator based in Sweden.

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Hang in There!

Aw, the zombies want to play with the cute kitty! An illustration by Isaac Bidwell. Prints are available here.

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