Damsel in Distress

Illustrator kprojekt’s awesome t-shirt design pays homage to the pulpy novels and magazines of yore. T-shirts with this print are available at Nowhere Bad.

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Supernatural – Comic Book Cover

Over at DeviantArt, artist Dustin Nguyen has posted this superb watercolor painting, which he created as a cover illustration for the Supernatural comic -  Issue 6.

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Astro Boy Art By Ashley Wood

Just some of the wonderful art created by artist and illustrator Ashley Wood, for the official comic book based on the Astro Boy movie. [via Super Punch]

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Retro Italian Adult Comic Book Covers Gallery

I found this amazing collection of vintage Italian adult comic book covers on Flickr. The gallery includes covers of the infamous “Isabella” comic, illustrated by the great Sandro Angiolini. The…

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Detective Comics – Covers Gallery

Detective Comics is the longest running comic book series in the United States. The series published by DC comics since 1937, was instrumental in introducing The Batman, one of the…

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