Rippled – A Beautiful Stop Motion Animated Video

Watch a hypnotically-beautiful music video for Australian indie band All India Radio’s ‘Rippled’ track. The video, which took over six months to make, was a labor of love for director Darcy Prenderast and the creative team at Oh Yeah Wow, a design and animation studio based in Melbourne, Australia.

Impressed and intrigued by the work, I wrote to Darcy, asking him whether he would do a short interview for JazJaz. He was cool enough to agree immediately for it.

Your first music video for All India Radio, “Lucky,” has garnered more than 5,00,000 views on YouTube. And now, “Rippled” is now rapidly ratcheting up the views, as well. Can you tell us a bit more about your obviously successful collaboration with the band, and how it all got started?

You know, I think we came together at an interesting time. I was 23, brimming with creativity and had just started my own business without a clue of how to run one. Which was fortuitous really, because I ended up making ‘Lucky’ for less than $1000 which is a somewhat terrible business decision, given how long it took to make. Its never been about the money for me though, the collaboration has been fruitful and easy because Martin Kennedy the main man behind All India Radio, completely trusts us. He makes great music, we make great visuals and he allows us the freedom to create.

The amazing locations seen in the video, add a whole lot to look and feel of it. Where did you film the entire thing?

It was shot in various abandoned warehouses around Melbourne… We wanted to shoot in a somewhat dystopian landscape. There is something so eerily beautiful about these areas, that are surrounded by various hives of activity but have been forgotten about by society itself. Its like your own derelict playground.


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