DIY Pop-up Monsters From “Waste”

Watch the trailer for “Waste,” an upcoming short film that features some cartoony pop-up monsters. The makers of the film have not only released free PDF templates of the monsters,…

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8 Bit Violin

Ranjit Bhatnagar’s violin may be 8 bit, but one can coax uncompressed, analog music off its strings. Snip from the description: A working violin made from maple and oak craft…

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Retro Papercraft Models of Marshall Alexander

Marshall Alexander, a Netherlands based graphic designer and illustrator, makes awesome papercraft models of retro videogame consoles and cartoon characters. You can download the templates of the models, and then…

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Replica of the Daft Punk Helmet

Daft Punk Helmet - Casey Pugh

The LED helmets used as props by electro-pop band, Daft Punk, cost $ 14,000 to make. LED Effects, the company which made the helmets, later put them on sale for a jaw-dropping $ 65,000.

Casey Pugh made his own low-cost replica of the helmet for Halloween, this year. He used a second hand motorcycle helmet, and an Arduino board to program and control the LEDs.

He also made a short time-lapse video documenting the entire process. Watch it after the jump.


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The Knitted Horse Head

The knitted horse head by Becca Compton. Inspired by the unforgettable scene in The Godfather. Link to the knitting instructions. [via Make Blog]

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