Stunning Insect Alphabet Illustrations by Paula Duta

Romanian freelance illustrator and designer Paula Duta (previously) continues her fantastic obsession with creepy-crawlies with her latest series of ‘Insect Alphabet’ illustrations. The alphabets in the series are made up…

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Weird Poems, Weirder Drawings


Described as weird poetry combined with “simple, awkward illustrations,” The Ninety-Nine Draft is a whimsical collaborative project between Alex Sparks and Bret Hawkins. The project will see new works being posted on every Monday and Thursday, till it reaches the magic figure of 99.

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Peter Jellitsch’s Hand Drawn Scientific Illustrations


These brilliant illustrations may look as though they were created using computer programs, but they were all hand drawn by Peter Jellitsch, an artist based in Vienna, Austria.

Jellitsch’s art is the stunning confluence of art and scientific phenomena. He is able to bring his interpretation of complex scientific information from the virtual world into the real world, using pencil and paper as an interface. He describes this painstakingly difficult process as an “analog translation of digital data.”

Jellitsch says,

I am not concerned about representing what I have seen with my drawings, I rather deal with a parallel world which represents an analogy to reality for me. The method of my artistic analysis is the analogy, and my interest lies in creating a dialogue between virtual processes and the real physical space. With this method, I can elaborate details I believe to be important.


Peter Jellitsch’s works will be exhibited at “Field Conditions,” an upcoming art exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, from September 01, 2012 to  January 06, 2013.

Link to the artist’s site.

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Tyrannosaurus Batman

"To the Tyrannomobile!" “Tyrannosaurus Bats,” a fun “one-hour” drawing by Dustin Harbin.  Visit his site to checkout more quick drawings and comics. Click here for more information about buying the…

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The Art of Catalina Viejo

Artist Catalina Viejo is a bona fide talent, the realization of which became quite clear to me when I took a look at the prodigious amount of terrific art on…

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