The Sound Of The Earth Spinning – Short Film


“The Sound Of The Earth Spinning” was created by Dean Omori (NSFW), an award-winning English composer and short-film maker.  The video borrows material from his album – CHILDREN’S STORIES.

CHILDREN’S STORIES are the songs that children sing, having grown up to witness the repercussions of their parents actions. There is no spirit of childhood left in a child of street prostitution, in unwanted souls living in orphanages; yet hope will always prevail where children are born.

Warning: The video has provocative and distressing imagery, so is NSFW.


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Scintillation – Brilliant Experimental Short Film

Scintillation I love it when artists meld film-making with high-technology to create new art forms.

Xavier Chassaing’s “Scintillation” is an experimental film composed of over 35,000 photographs. His film uses stop-motion photography, and live projection mapping – a process where moving images are projected onto objects to create eye-popping visual effects.

The film’s wonderful music was composed by fedaden, an electronica artist from France.

Do watch the film in HD, especially if you have a high-speed connection.


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