Mini Floppy Disk Pillow

Awww…want! Wistful nostalgia and cuteness overload come together in this mini pillow by mymimi. The 7" x 7" pillow is 100% fiber filled, and is priced at $18.

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Floppy Disk CDRs

This “floppy disk” is actually a 200 MB blank CD from DesignBoom. Each CD comes with 5 labels in different colors. Unfortunately, the CDs are not compatible with slot drives,…

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Diskette Bracelets by An Alleweireldt

This super-nerdy Diskette Bracelet was made using recycled floppy disks. The bracelet was designed by An Alleweireldt, and is part of the award winning Oxx collection, which combines expensive materials…

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