“Aliens” as an NES Video Game

Baz, a freelance game artist and illustrator, imagines what the first ''Aliens'' movie would look like if it were an old-school NES Donkey Kong style video game. T-shirts are available…

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Raging Hand

For all those angry, rage inducing gaming moments! Inspired by the classic Santa Cruz skateboards "Screaming Hand” logo, Illustrator MEKAZOO has created this terrific t-shirt print. Available for $12 at…

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Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines – Flickr Set


Situated in the basement of a non-descript building in the outskirts of Moscow, the “Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines” houses video game consoles from a bygone era.

Designers and travel bloggers Connal Hughes and Anjel Van Slyke (who are also married to each other) made a trip to the museum, and then spent a few pleasurable hours playing awesome-sounding games like “Turnip Strength Tester” and “Magistral”. They documented the entire experience with pictures and extensive game descriptions,  in this great post on their blog.

Click here to see the complete set of pictures on Flickr.

More pictures after the jump.


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Slaves To Farmville

The afeeld blog examines the monster that is Farmville, and comes away with the conclusion that the game and its makers are really, really evil insidiously taking over our lives.…

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