Skye Stevens’ “Takes All Night” Music Video


Upcoming music artist, Skye Stevens did not want to do something run of the mill for the music video of his “Takes All Night” remix. Instead, the Los Angles-based musician had a graffiti artist paint this huge replica of the single’s cover, somewhere in Melrose, Los Angeles.

You can watch the video after the jump.


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Cambodia Reloaded

A few weeks ago, some of Phnom Penh’s city’s hottest emerging artists (including Em Riem), collaborated with Broken Fingaz, the pioneering Israeli graffiti crew, to create these amazing artworks at…

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Incredible Tape-Art Graffiti Video

Watch a short video of artists Stella, Rex and Jurij Lozic, showing off their fabulous ‘tape art’ skills on the streets of Izola, Slovenia. The video was shot for a…

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Muto: Graffiti in Motion

“Muto” is an unique stop-motion film shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by Italian graffiti artist BLU. Best described as graffiti-in-motion, the entire animating process must have taken weeks, if not…

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Watchmen Graffiti Time Lapse Video

Watchmen-graffiti-Time-Lapse-Video Image Credit: Endoftheline

Paramount Pictures commissioned this time lapse video to promote the West End movie premiere of the ‘Watchmen’ movie in the UK .

End of the Line’, the graffiti artists collective seen in the video, painted for over an hour in front of a live audience before the screening of the film.

Though it  may be sad to see the artists repeatedly paint over their previous works in the video, the true nature of the graffiti art form is one of impermanence.

Watch the video after the jump.


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