Aliens Mural by Jim Vision & Dr Zadok

Click here to see larger images. Inspired by the original artworks of H.R. Giger, art collective EndoftheLine’s Jim Vision & Dr Zadok created this huge mural on Redchurch Street in…

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Dynamic Graffiti Art by Street Artist Pëdro



The anonymous Portuguese street artist, who only signs his works as Pëdro, mailed in some of his elaborate graffiti collage pieces. His layered works are characterized by their raw intensity, helped in no small measure by the artist’s fantastic understanding of color and shading techniques.

You can visit his Tumblr to check out more of his works.

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Street Art by Roa

Click on the image to view large. Terrific graffitti art by street artist Roa, at Salton Sea, California. [via unurth]

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SpongeBob Ruined by Showbiz

“Showbiz ruined me,” by Italian artist Pao. Pao, the founder of Studio Paopao, transforms ordinary objects found in urban spaces into colorful creatures, that bring a smile on people’s faces.…

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Skye Stevens’ “Takes All Night” Music Video


Upcoming music artist, Skye Stevens did not want to do something run of the mill for the music video of his “Takes All Night” remix. Instead, the Los Angles-based musician had a graffiti artist paint this huge replica of the single’s cover, somewhere in Melrose, Los Angeles.

You can watch the video after the jump.


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Cambodia Reloaded

A few weeks ago, some of Phnom Penh’s city’s hottest emerging artists (including Em Riem), collaborated with Broken Fingaz, the pioneering Israeli graffiti crew, to create these amazing artworks at…

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