A Love Story… In Milk

Made by CatSnake, for Friends of the Earth. Link to “A Love Story… In Milk” from Catsnake on Vimeo. [via The Presurfer and Miss Cellania]

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Forest Love – Viral Video From Greenpeace

Greenpeace_2 Image Credit: Mali Serena Aurora

Tree pörn really seems to be hottest thing at the moment. For example, take this viral video from Greenpeace about illegal logging in the Amazon rain forests. Whoever knew that trees could make love to each other like humans do?

The video in question, is itself, safe for work, but the audio is completely and absolutely NSFW.


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Energy Wasting Day

Did you know that the annual Energy Wasting Day is nearly upon us ? And are you really prepared for it ? Dan Power, the king of energy wasters, gives…

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Rinspeed Squba – Concept Electric Submersible Sports Car


The Rinspeed sQuba concept car will be unveiled to the general public during the Geneva Motor Show in March 2008.

This sports car has some futuristic features under its frame. The makers claim that the car is a completely zero emission vehicle, as it is powered by rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries. And it can drive itself, without any input from a driver – all thanks to a sophisticated laser sensor system from the Hamburg company Ibeo. But the best feature of the car is its ability to move under water like a submarine. CEO of Rinspeed, and  avowed James Bond fan, Frank M. Rinderknecht,  was inspired to build this car, after watching Roger Moore use a submersible car in The Spy Who Loved Me’.  The car can not only traverse water bodies, but can also dive till a depth of 10 m, with top speed of 3 km/h underwater.

Due to an open top design, the driver will have have to breathe underwater using compressed air from an integrated air-tank.

Watch this video to see the car in action:


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