The Incredible Hulk Movie Trailer

The much-awaited trailer for The Incredible Hulk is finally here. Edward Norton (one of my favorite actors) plays the Hulk (one of my favorite superheroes) in this ‘rebooted’ movie version of the much misunderstood, Marvel Comics giant.

There has been a lot of speculation about the upcoming movie, much of it about the lack of any large scale publicity for a $150 million movie. After watching the trailer, I wasn’t very impressed by the look of the Hulk. Admittedly,  it’s not the mistake of the movie makers, as re-creating  a believable,  green-skinned Goliath  on screen is not a very easy task. Somehow, I found the cgi effects of the Transformers movie much more enjoyable. And I can’t help shake off the feeling, that Norton is just sleep-walking through the role.

Still, I would love it if Norton and Co. prove me wrong.

Don’t you ?

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