The Japanese Spider-Man and El Mariachi – Funny Retro Clip

More retro movie madness. This is one of the awesomest clips, I have ever been able to lay my eyes upon.

Forget about the news of Tony Stark (Iron Man) making a guest appearance in the upcoming Hulk Movie. Now  imagine, Spider-man, El Mariachi, and a Mecha/Gundam robot, all coming together in a movie. That would rock. Unfortunately, it would be close to impossible for Hollywood studios to get all these characters from different genres into a single movie. Imagine the  endless, bitter negotiations, rights acquisitions and piles of paperwork. But the good folks in Japan (bless their big hearts) have already done it. Obviously, they didn’t bother to get the rights for these famous characters, but who really gave a heck those days.

The last scene in the clip, takes the film to a different level. El Mariachi drives away with his lover son, leaving a forlorn Spider-man to wonder at what might have been. Wow ! A Brokeback Mountain story arc, too ?


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