Eric Pause’s Paintings of Animal-Chainsaw Hybrids



Eric Pause, a Canadian artist, created these cute, but somewhat bewildered-looking chainsaw animals for his new pop-art series “Can’t Lose / Can’t gain”. All the paintings in the series were created using vinyl acrylic on canvas.

You can visit his site to check out more of his crazy paintings,  vinyl toys and illustrations.

[via JazJaz Submissions]

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Francesco Sambo’s Man-Animal Hybrids

Franceso Sambo is a visual artist based in Italy. The man-animals in his “Bestario(slightly NSFW) photo series are terrifying, yet so utterly fascinating.

The hybrid creatures may look straight out of a nightmare, but on closer inspection, one notices that they still retain traits of human nature in them.

Bestario - Man Animal Hybird Photography By Fransesco Sambo

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