Bruno Miranda’s Stunning Digital Illustrations



Sao Paul, Brazil-based artist and graphic design artist, Bruno Miranda’s latest series of illustrations are a testament to his talent and creativity. Full of surreal imagery and rich symbolism, I found his digital drawings to be utterly captivating.

Miranda is currently an art director at One Digital, but also works as a freelance illustrator.

You can check out his site and Tumblr to see more of his artworks.

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Illustrations Created With Movements of the Human Body



In her experimental Emptied Gestures series, New Orleans, LA-based visual artist Heather Hansen strives to interpret her dance movements onto a paper canvas by using her body as a tool. These spectacular photographs shot by Bryan Tarnowski, capture the artist from the start to the end of the creative process, where she “empties” her gestures from one form, and then moves on to give all from another.

Link to the artist’s website. (via Devid Sketchbook)

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Cat Food Tins With Beautiful Illustrations




You will surely agree that “One Love” brand’s cat food tins, adorned with ornate illustrations by Russian artists Lala Vaganova and Oksana Grivina, are some of the best looking you would have ever seen. If you pay close attention, you will notice that the felines in the illustrations have been portrayed with fur made up of their favorite foods.

The branding of the product was conceptualized by Polina Bogdanova, the head of the Arkthompson design studio in Moscow, Russia.

[via Lustik]

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The Incredible Illustrations and Doodle Art of Maahy



Chances are that a lot of you might already be familiar with the stunning illustrations of Maahy, an 18 year old artist from the Maldives who has nearly 16,000 Likes on Facebook. Over the years, this brilliant upcoming artist has always taken my breath away with his works, drawn in his bold, signature style. Full of intricate details, his pieces have many hidden surprises that reveal themselves on closer inspection.

Maahy is a self-taught illustrator, a dreamer whose passion and joy for art manifests itself in his pieces. Growing up in the Maldives, a country blessed with sunny skies and crystal clear seas, caused him to be inspired by the beauty of nature.

My art portrays the minimalism of black and white as well as the chaotic beauty and mystery of doodling, zentangles, streams of flowing lines and the fascinating scent and touch of coffee. I work intimately with ink pens and graphite pencils. For me, The key to finishing a detailed art piece is immense patience and perseverance. I always carry a camera with me to capture organic and  interesting patterns, shapes and designs I see every day. Whether it be on the road, in a mud puddle, the dancing clouds, or in a trailing foot print, I always keep my inspiration rolling.

Apart from undertaking commissions, the artist has also begun designing tattoos. You can buy select limited edition prints of his works at his online store.

Link to the artist’s site | Facebook | Tumblr.

(Thanks, Rayne Chapman)

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Beautifully-Detailed Drawings of Insects by Paula Duta


Locusta Migratoria, 100 x 70 cm


Paula Duta is a Romanian interior architect and self-confessed “happy person,” who says that she is really dedicated to her work. This young architect also has a keen interest in drawing, amongst many other things, bugs. She captures the likeness of the insects onto paper with the passion and commitment of an amateur entomologist. As you can see in these images, her illustrations are incredibly detailed and gorgeously textured.

Duta first began by drawing small sketches of these winged beauties, then progressed to small portraits. Her latest piece, Locusta Migratoria (seen above), is a larger work measuring 100 x 70 cm.

You can visit the artist’s Behance / Tumblr to check out more of her works.

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Doodle Art Portraits of Famous Movie Actors by Vince Low




Malaysian artist Vince Low’s series of doodle art illustrations of some of cinema’s famous leading men (and one mean mixed martial artist) is a delight to behold. Low is currently Head Illustrator at Grey, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Visit his Behance profile to see more of his works.

[via Love On Other Planets]

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Matt Peppler’s Awesome Illustrations



Michigan-based artist Matt Peppler’s gorgeous illustrated posters are a celebration of life and every aspect of it. He creates his works freehand using sharpie markers, which he then color edits and works on in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, infusing them with dynamism and energy. Peppler says that his works include lot of pop culture references and his own personal artistic viewpoints.

After graduating high school in the year 2000, Peppler was studying for a business degree before he was drawn to his true calling. Building upon the foundations of his innate talent, he graduated in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Kendall College of Art of Design. He considers Frank Miller, Andy Warhol and Shephard Fairey to be among his influences.

You can buy prints of his artwork at his Etsy store and Estoy Merchandise.

Link to the artist’s site | Tumblr.

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Continuous City: A Stunning Art Book and Graphic Novel About NYC


In his upcoming illustrated book, Continuous City, programmer and artist Brian Foo reimagines the iconic topography of New York City, being “told through a series of conversations and paintings.” One part art book, one part graphic novel, the book explores the story of two young New Yorkers, whose relationship has to contend with an alternate version of the Big Apple, which is continuously transforming itself in a mind-bogglingly vast permutation of shapes and sizes. The book will feature illustrations of hundreds of actual buildings from NYC, which Foo has painstakingly hand-painted himself.


Foo’s Kickstarter page for the book has already raised more than double the amount than that was being asked for the book’s printing. Depending on the amount pledged, the backers of the project will receive posters, art prints and t-shirts, in addition to the book itself. The artist has also conceived an interactive component to his project, through which you can create your own versions of the city.

You can watch this video to know more about the project.


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