Killer Allergies: An Art Zine by Mexican Artist Alfonso de Anda




Alfonso de Anda, an interdisciplinary artist from Guadalajara, Mexico, sent in some art and a promotional video for his new art zine.

Limited to a run of only 300 signed and numbered copies, the zine will have 32 pages of awesome grayscale illustrations inside its 2 ink offset-printed covers.

Link to Alfonso de Anda’s site.

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Artist Phil Hansen Will Turn Your Inspiring Stories into Art


The current piece in progress


A previously created text piece

Many of us have limitations, both self-made as well as ones that we were born with, that sometimes hold us back. And then there are those of us, who despite the greatest difficulties, try to reach our full potential.

Multimedia artist Phil Hansen (previously here, here and here) wants to know about your past limitations. Hansen is looking for people to call him on 651-321-4996, and share their stories.  He will then write the collective stories onto a 9ft. x 13 ft. canvas, and create a pointillist piece that is made entirely of text. You can can watch and read as each story is being written onto the canvas via the live feed on his site.

Hansen was able to start a successful Kickstarter project to fund the capture of this shared experience and to make it into a short documentary. He recently gave an inspiring TED talk in which he talks about facing a career threatening personal limitation, which he was able to embrace and overcome.

Share your story by calling or submitting it online at Phil Hansen’s site.

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Scorsese: An Art Show Tribute to the Cinema of the Legendary Filmmaker


Screen print by Joshua Budich


Painting by Jonathan Bergeron

The Spoke Art gallery held a successful multi-artist art show tribute in NYC to the films of Martin Scorsese, one of the greatest film directors of our times. Acknowledging Scorsese’s decades-old, deep connection with the Big Apple, the San Francisco-based gallery had opted to bring the show to NYC, this past weekend.

To help those of us who were unable to attend the show, the gallery will be putting up paintings, prints and sculptures from the show on sale at 5 P.M. (PST), April 26th, via their online store.

You can checkout some select illustrations and paintings from the show, after the jump.


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An Illustrated Guide to Nightmares



After taking on Bill Murray and Kurt Cobain, publisher Belly Kids are back with a new book, and this time it’s all about nightmares; those grotesque monstrosities which make us toss and turn in our sleep .

It’s an exploration of the creepiest of dreams, a diary of bad nights, all collected in a pull out A4 book of illustration.

The book will contain illustrations by 16 artists, who will explore their worst dreams for your pleasure.

Visit the Belly Kids site for more details.

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Kenneth Lee Flannery’s Stunning Ballpoint Pen Art




”Missing Pieces”

While some artists spend thousands of dollars to buy the best art materials money can buy, artist Kenneth Lee Flannery has no such luxuries as he is currently incarcerated in a facility in California. He has access only to the ink cartridges of pens provided by an officer, which have had their casings removed, to create his beautiful, monochromatic pieces.

Using only the cartridges and art paper that (rarely) gets allowed past the facility’s mail room, Kenneth spends countless hours on his intricately detailed works. And getting his art out is easier said than done, as a lot of his pieces have been destroyed in the mailing process, either by “an officer” or by rough handling in the postal system.

Born in 1968, Kenneth is a self-taught artist, and is equally at ease with using chalk, pencil, color pencils and pastels as artistic mediums. His illustrations, “The Longing” and “Missing Pieces” were featured by The Arts United San Antonio Magazine,  and were also displayed at the R Gallery in San Antonio, Texas.

If you are interested in his artworks, please contact the artist’s wife, Linda Mansfield at this email address – [email protected].

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