Pen and Ink Illustration by laurelmyck

A pen and ink illustration of a Newfoundland landscape by Toronto-based illustrator laurelmyck. You can check out more of her lovely ink drawing landscapes on her site. If you are…

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Mars Falling

A digital art piece made by designer, illustrator and artist, Francisco Galárraga for the "Ilustres Ilustradores" expo (2011) in Quito, Ecuador.

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Books Change With You

Click on the image to view larger. A set of promotional outdoor posters for the Mint Vinetu bookstore, which specializes in used books. The posters were created by Lithuanian advertising…

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The Art of Peatree Bojangles


The super-awesomely named Peatree Bojangles (NSFW) is a trained artist and illustrator from London, who creates brilliant pop culture-infused digital art. Though her works look like manipulated photographs, they are actually hand-sketched photo-realistic illustrations, which she scans or photographs and then works on in Photoshop.

Peatree also maintains a blog, where she shares her unique (read edgy, but hilarious) rants and insights about surviving life on this planet of ours. She is also a must follow on Twitter.

You can buy prints of her illustrations here.

Hit the jump to see some select works from her portfolio.


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Predator Toddler

"Predatoddler," by Michael Dashow. Also, visit his wonderful blog. Affordable prints of his works are available here.

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