Mixed Messages Mug

Mixed Messages Mug. Comes with assorted letters and characters to create your own personalized messages. £11.49 (about $18.50).

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Wonderful World Chair

This beautiful chair is the latest creation of Jeroen Wesselink, an industrial designer based in the Netherlands. The chair has 11 music boxes integrated into its body, which can all…

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Marina Bath Plug

Check out this quirkily-fun bath plug from Mocha. The boat, attached to the end of the chain, is made from a plastic map of the world. The plug is priced…

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Beautiful Heart Shaped Vase

Almost as fragile as the human heart. Almost. The Ventricle Vessel was designed by Eva Milinkovic, and is available only by custom order at Tsunami Glassworks. [via Carrie Leber]

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