comemai iPad Sleeves


Check out these limited edition, uber-cool iPad sleeves from comemai. The hand-made sleeves are the brainchild of Serena and Balázs, who developed them in collaboration with noted Italian designer Luisa Cevese.

We thought of Luisa Cevese’s work and her Riedizioni project. Luisa has been working for more than two decades in the fashion industry, designing conceptual textiles. With her Riedizioni project, she has found an original mode of re-using textiles and industrial waste: textile scraps are combined with high quality plastic to create a new and original material, called II (eleven). This material incorporates and uses waste, and this is what we would like to do with COMEMAI: using waste instead of producing it.


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Hitler Rants About The iPad

Yeah. The iPad was a big colossal disappointment for people (including me) who were expecting nothing less than the alchemist’s stone from Apple. So, who better than Bruno Ganz as…

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