The Salaryman Project



“The Salaryman Project” is a photo-series by Bruno Quinquet, a French photographer living in Tokyo. With his project, Quintet has tried to build an aura of mystery around the archetypal (and quite often, unfairly lampooned) figure of the male Japanese office worker (aka the salaryman).

Quinquet says,

To reference in the same vehicle office work and the specifically Japanese sense of the season, the work comes in the format of a business schedule (paper or ebook).
I think that the project has some kind of documentary value, but in a poetic and conceptual sense rather than as a social critique.

To help self-publish his photography project, he has started a crowdfunding campaign at Ulule.

After a 20 year career as a recording engineer,  Quinquet started shooting photographs during a stay in Japan, sometime in 2006. He decided not to go back to his native France, but pursued and got his graduation from the Tokyo Visual Arts Photography Department. His street photography has found a place in many books, magazines and galleries.

Hit the jump to see some select photographs from the project.


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