Ephemeral Memory – A Beautiful Photo Series on Indigenous Australians


"Ephemeral Memory" is a visually arresting photo series by Jeremy Blincoe, a Melbourne-based photographer.

His previous series “Fleeting Embrace” touched upon the decaying health of our once pristine environment, and the tenuous link created by it to future generations. His latest, a narrative series focusing on indigenous Australians, may have an ethereal, fable-like quality to it, but there is more to it than meets the eye at first glance.

Here is what Jeremy has to say about his photographs:

Eighteen months ago, I started boxing at the Melbourne Aboriginal Youth and Recreation Centre. Through this, I met, and established friendships with some really amazing indigenous people. Conversation led to further research, which inspired me to create a series of photographs that explore – and provides a commentary on – poignant issues surrounding Indigenous Australians.



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