Cute Animated Gif Email Signatures

  Most email signatures can range from the mundane to the downright annoying. The folks at Oporto Design, a Brazilian graphic design agency, have certainly made sure that their staff's…

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Wooden Pixel Art Mario

8 bit wooden pixel awesomeness! Created pixel by pixel using 9/16 inch inked wood blocks. Measures 9.5 inches x 8 inches. Hanging hardware on back--ready to go up on the…

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Classic Videogames Reworked in HD

Digital artist Orioto essentially makes gorgeously-lush, HD quality mockups of scenes from classic video games like Mario World and Metroid. He uses Illustrator and Photoshop to create these stunning works.…

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The Real Mario

This funny picture of a grieving Goomba from Super Mario Bros, made me laugh. Apparently, the much misunderstood Goombas have children too. Found via Digg

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