Michael Jackson, RIP

Photo Credit: Life Much ink has been spilt about Michael Jackson in the past few years, the man's life has been opened up, dissected, carved up and consumed by both…

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We Are The World – Crazy Japanese Style

Trust me, this is the funniest thing you will see all day. The following retro video  clip from a Japanese TV show, left me completely shocked and dumbfounded. Is there anything that the Japanese won’t can’t do ?

The clip shows a bunch of (celebrity?) impersonators taking on Bruce Springsteen, Tina Turner, Cyndi Lauper, and other ’80s sensations singing the hit single ‘We Are The World‘ for the USA for Africa foundation.

Oh, and if you thought Michael Jackson couldn’t get any uglier, just watch the video.

Full marks for coolness and effort, eh folks ?

You can watch the original video after the jump.

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