Retro TV Memo Holder

Sweet nostalgia, Batman! These memo holders not only look like retro TV sets, but can also helpfully display your reminders on their "small screens." They come with 210 blank memos…

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Ruler Bookshelf

Designed by Samuel Ansbacher, this gorgeous floating shelf is handmade using plywood and based on vintage wooden yardsticks.  The shelf is available at Mocha for £39.99 (about $51).

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Soaps Shaped Like Delicious Fruit


I’m loving these realistic-looking fruit shaped soaps, which are hand-made by master artisans in Turkey.

Fruit shaped soaps were first created three hundred years ago, when a small group of artisans living close to the Sea of Marmara in Turkey, made them specially for the Ottoman Palaces. The Sultans were so impressed with these handcrafted beauties, that they offered them as gifts to visiting royalty and other important dignitaries.

The soaps are available at Mocha, for prices from $13 – $31.

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Mixed Messages Mug

Mixed Messages Mug. Comes with assorted letters and characters to create your own personalized messages. £11.49 (about $18.50).

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Ceramic Notepad From Mocha

Mocha’s Ceramic Notebook is an eco-friendly alternative to the humble paper notepad. Made entirely of clay, it will work wonderfully well for leaving messages, or jotting down that quick note.…

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