MyToons Cartoon Classics Channel on Vuze

MyToonsCom_logo, one of the best online animation communities, now has a ‘Cartoon Classics’ channel on the Vuze Network. Vuze (formerly Azureus) is basically a bit torrent client which allows users to publish and share original DVD and HD quality video content on its network.

The channel features classic characters like Betty Boop – one of the world’s first animated sex symbols, and the cigar-chewin’, spinach-lovin’ Popeye the Sailor.


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Launched in March 2007, is an online animation community,  which provides a free platform for animations professionals and budding artists to showcase their creations. Users can upload and share their original animations with a global audience of animators and fans of the medium.

To coincide with the first major design overhaul of the site, has now launched HD Animation, supposedly becoming the first online animation site to do so. The site has invited animators to upload their animations in high definition.

You can watch some great HD quality animation on the site, including the recently released Big Buck Bunny open film.

Unfortunately, despite the site’s claim that the HD videos can be embedded on other sites, I was unable to do so. Pity.

Update: The good folks at Mytoons have informed me that the glitch has been rectified, and HD embedding now works seamlessly.

Anyhow, watch a short and entertaining animated film titled “A Faery’s Tale,” one of the many films featured on the site.


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