“Flood” by Audrey Pongracz

Spoke Art, the San Francisco-based art gallery, has been been releasing some awesome prints over at The People’s Printshop. At $20 each ($30 for framed), the giclee prints are affordable…

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The Church – New Street Art by Sten & Lex



Italian street artists Sten and Lex painted this huge mural of an anonymous woman inside an ancient church in the city of Mentana. The church, known as the Convent of Mentana, was built by in 1590 by Michele Peretti, the grandson of Pope Sisto V. The mural itself is painted on a new wall, and is not a part of the original building which was partly destroyed by an earthquake in the early part of the previous century.

The duo took about a month to create this piece, using a two layer stencil process. It’s quite amazing to see a portrait of a woman emerging out of the intersecting lines created by the painting process.

You can see more images, and also watch a time-lapse video of the creation of the painting, after the jump.


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