Inception in 60 Seconds

So silly, but I loved it! Created for Vancouver's Virgin Radio 95.3 Fake Film Festival. We're just a small group of friends who like to dream big~ This was incredible…

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Village People Goes Bad

Not such a nice bunch, after all… This image has been released under a CC 2.0 license by Flickr user James Vaughn. You are free to remix and share the…

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UK Boy Band’s WTF Music Video

Update: Commenter SuzyQPants points out (much to my embarrassment) that this is apparently a parody music video by Hot Chip, an electropop band from England. The band’s single “Over and…

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Hitler Rants Against The Changed Watchmen Movie Ending

Bruno Ganz’s brilliant and electrifying turn as Hitler in Der Untergang  has been parodied many times before. The spoofs were created by mashing up scenes from the film with fake English subtitles. Obviously, it’s funny only for people who can’t speak the German language.

And now, there is one more addition to the list. The latest viral video shows Hitler ranting against Hollywood’s fat-cats for changing the Watchmen movie’s ending. Or more specifically, the absence of a multi-tentacled monster in it.

Watch it after the jump. (The clip is NSFW due to bad language.)


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