Sarah Rosado’s Stunning Photography



Striking. That was the first word which popped into my mind when I first laid my eyes on illustrator and photographer Sarah Rosado’s beautiful photographs. Full of whimsical playfulness with an underlying current of vibrant sensuality, her images look distinctive and fresh. Whether it is discovering familiar shapes in clouds, or uncovering one-eyed monsters hiding in foliage, Rosado seems to take great delight in finding beauty in the mundane.

Snip from her bio:

Inspired by her aunt and uncle, both artists in their respect, Sarah found a style that was unique to her. With art, running through her veins, it was inevitable to Sarah to take what loved and immerse herself in it.

You can visit her site to see more of her art.

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The Surreal Photography of Arimbi Alessandra



When 14 year olds start shooting photographs like this, it reassures me that the future of photography is in good hands. Arimbi Alessandra modestly calls herself an “aspiring photographer,” but it’s clear that she is a genuine talent. With her keen eye for color and composition, as well as a great ability to create images that seem to be moving, this Indonesian teenager is bound to go places in the coming years.

Link to Arimbi Alessandra’s Tumblr.

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Doppelgängers: A Series of Paintings by Mark Wojahn


For his solo exhibition titled “Shadow Walker”, at the Rogue Buddha Gallery, Minneapolis-based artist Mark Wojahn will display works from his”‘Doppelgängers” series of photo paintings.

Born a fraternal twin himself, the artist’s long fascination with the alter egos of humans has manifested itself in his paintings. Wojahn transforms select photos from his portfolio (both old and new) into antique style images of our evil twins, by adding multiple layers of paint and texture on them. The results are eerie and disturbing, yet quite beautiful.

Wojahn is a filmmaker, and a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is also an McKnight Photography Fellow, who has had his works exhibited in numerous exhibitions across the U.S.

The exhibition will be on show at the Rogue Buddha Gallery from Friday, September 7th, 2012 to Saturday, September 29th, 2012.

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Maria Kazvan’s Beautiful Photography


Maria Kazvan is a 22 year old photographer who lives and works in Lviv, Ukraine. Her lush photographs, shot on Fujifilm Superia film on her Minolta XD-11 camera, are suffused with a wonderfully dreamy and sensual quality. Kazvan’s terrific photography belies her young age, and shows great promise.

Kazvan, who has studied journalism, is currently on the lookout for a job. if you are interested in hiring this dynamic talent, please contact her here.

Check out more of her works on her site | blog | Flickr (all links are NSFW).

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Sheila Bocchine’s Pinhole Photography


Photographer Sheila Bocchine travels the world with her pinhole camera, documenting different cultures and "all things beautiful." Her lensless pinhole camera, made from teakwood, uses medium format (120) film to produce gorgeously-surreal, square images.

On the subject of her photography, she says:

“The exposures are longer to compensate for the pinhole, which is why you will see subtle blur and motion in all of my images. Since the world rarely stands still, my pinhole camera captures all the beautiful motion and energy onto the negative, thus resulting with dreamscape-like qualities. I feel like each pinhole photograph is a marvelous dream… a surreal and whimsical moment in time that has swirled around my daydreams before coming out as the perfect pinhole photograph.”


Not all of her photographs are as sunny and cheerful as the ones above; some of the images of “dead” people in her portfolio were intriguingly-creepy enough to make me ask her more about them.

The story behind the photographs was, however, far more innocuous.

Bocchine replied back, saying, "the ‘scary’ photos are from Fear Farm Haunted House in Phoenix. I was at a pumpkin farm picking up some holiday goodies and I spotted a haunted house. There was no one around so I found my way inside. It was daytime, so I didn’t think it would be as spooky as it was, but with every corner I turned my heart raced!”


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