A Temporary Andy Warhol Art Museum Built with 1,500 Metal Cans



Portuguese studio LIKEarchitects used 1,500 metal paint cans to build “Andy Warhol – Icons,” a temporary art museum inside the atrium of Lisbon’s Colombo Shopping Mall. The museum displayed 32 original art works by the iconic pop artist, over a three month period.

Inspired by Warhol’s usage of humble household objects in his paintings, the architects eschewed the typical white walls of galleries, and purposely used the empty cans to create a simple, but memorable structure to frame the works.

[via Junkculture and Dezeen]

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Alan Derrick’s Fantastic 3D Metal Pop Art



Alan Derrick, a master artist and sculptor based in Gurley, Alabama, makes awesome 3D metal artwork, which pay tribute to iconic figures from pop culture. His layered pieces look like paintings, but with the added three-dimensionality of sculptures.

Derrick, on his creative process:

Each portrait is produced by layering two abstract steel cut-outs against a third solid back panel. I cut and stack the floating layers of metal in a way that creates the illusion of depth, dimension and underlying shadows not found with a flat sheet of paper or canvas. Here’s a little video to illustrate. When viewed from several feet away, the arrangement of layers yields a three dimensional likeness of the subject.

I splatter colors onto each layer using a technique that is both uniform and random in nature. This enhances the 3D effect. The resulting patterns and texture are designed to create an illusion of light washing over the subject.

Derrick’s love affair with metal started at an early age. He says that as a teen, one would find him puttering around his parent’s garage, making things out of metal. In the year 2007, he decided to become a full time artist cum sculptor.

Link to Alan Derrick’s website | online store.

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Mario Soria’s Incredible Paintings




Barcelona-born artist Mario Soria is something of a genius, an autodidactic who taught himself by observing and studying the works of Velazquez, Bosch, Rembrandt and Leonardo Da Vinci. His paintings and artworks are a surprisingly heady and potent mix of American pop art, European surrealism, and traditional art.

A lot of Mario’s works feature celebrity/cultural icons, who have been placed in settings that may seem incongruous to the eye of the casual observer, but reveal much more about the subject on deeper introspection.

Mario, on his paintings:

I develop a central idea and it starts to grow while I paint on it. I let the painting “talk” to me and then more ideas come during its process. My paintings are thought to be seeing from regular distance and closer distance where people can “read” two different paintings in one, I mean, from regular distance people could see a still life, but from a closer distance can observed little characters telling their own story making of still life elements their scenery. I like to play with canvas laterals, I put legos, smashed soda cans, colour pencils, or just paint on them. I am always working, I paint everyday, from Monday to Sunday, day and night, usually in two or more paintings at the same time.


Currently, Mario is close to finishing an actual size reproduction of “Las Meninas,” the famous painting by Diego Velázquez. Mario says that he has been working on the painting since 2006, and adds that it will carry his own personal touch.

Link to Mario Soria’s site.

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Claudio Parentela’s Pop Art Collages and Paintings

A man of many talents, Italian artist Claudio Parentela has been an active member of the international underground art scene for many years now. His mixed-media collages and paintings will firmly grab your attention, disorienting you with their raw, frenetic edginess and energy.


Claudio’s huge body of work has been featured in numerous magazines and art galleries. He lives and works from Catanzaro, Italy.

Link to Claudio Parentala’s site (NSFW, and filled with animated gifs).

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The Art of dOminic Brown

Feature at Jaz jaz - 3 A touch of gold

“A Touch of Gold”

dOminic Brown is an exciting Netherlands based artist, who creates his visually-arresting mixed media paintings using a unique blend of creative techniques.

Snip from his site:

Over 90 percent of his outlines are drawn by hand and filled out with a special kind of pencil, before being scanned. Then it’s the combination of computer software, printers, his own photographs, colored markers and paint that helps him create a digital file. Depending on the style of the image, this digital file gets printed, in a limited edition, on the highest quality canvas, dibond aluminum or wood. After the printing, every work gets finalized in its own unique way with different materials such as texture gel, colored markers, paint, glitters and small leaves of gold.

Brown discovered his creativity at an early age, being profoundly impacted by a childhood visit to Egypt – more specifically, the Museum of Cairo, where he viewed King Tut’s artifacts. The rapid changes in computer-technology too seems to have had a major influence on him, and he credits cartoons like the Thundercats  and Transformers, along with Nintendo’s video games of having shaped his creative thinking process. His vibrant works are rich in symbolic and mystical imagery, yet have a distinctive pop-art vibe about them.

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Andy Awesome’s Minimalist Pop Culture Paintings


Check out some of the minimalist, pop culture themed artworks sent in by Andy Awesome, an artist (or most probably, a creative group) based in Munich, Germany. The acrylic paintings are part of his/their Series 2, uh, series.

Andy says:

In Dec. 2010, I was one, out of 50 artists, who has been invited to paint a picture for Sanrio´s / Hello Kitty art show in Miami Beach during Art Basel for their 50th anniversary.

You can also visit MoAA, their online, virtual walkthrough gallery (requires Flash).

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