JazJaz Presents – Best of April 2008

Here are some interesting links and articles from April 2008.

Top 5 Bad Ass Monsters From Greek Mythology
The ancient monsters from Greek mythology  have influenced many artists, writers  and game makers over thousands of years. Here is a list of 5 of the most popular Grecian monsters which have captured our imagination. 

Top 5 Greek Monsters From Ancient Mythology

Twit Twit – Short and Entertaining Animated Film From France
Twit Twit is a "Pixaresque" animated short film about a battle of wits between Charly, a robotic banjo player, and Radin, a no-good, greedy robot toll-keeper in the middle of the desert.

Bak – Superb Art Magazine For Free Download
Expand your horizons by downloading ‘Bak’, a great online art magazine available as a free download from its publishers. Highly Recommended.

Bak - Free Online Art Magazine


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Best Of September 2007

JazJaz brings you the most interesting posts of September 2007.

Android 207 – Award Winning Animation Short

Android 207 was the winner of the Audience Favorite & Honorable Mention awards at the 2006 Milwaukee Internationa l Short Film Festival.

Save The Girls Aviation Art Project

Save the Girls is a project to preserve and restore the largest ever collection of World War II aircraft nose art.

JazJaz Review on Binary Moon

JazJaz was the top prize winner on a contest held by Binary Moon.  The first prize was a free site review by Binary Moon.

The Bob Dylan Message Generator 

The Bob Dylan Message Generator, allows you to create your own messages on the cue cards held by Bob Dylan in the ‘Don’t Look Back‘ documentary.


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