SHORT stories – 7 Terrific Short Films


SHORT stories is a series of short films from the Showtime network. The films were commissioned by selecting seven of the top, cutting-edge film makers from across the internet, who were then given a simple directive – tell a short story in an innovative way.

SHORT STORIES showcases the talent of some of the Internet’s top filmmakers, visual artists, and animators, including the groundbreaking Pes, Academy Award nominee Don Hertzfeldt, and YouTube sensation Levni Yilmaz.

The seven short films will be available on Showtime’s site, and on Showtime On Demand.

Walks of life

In this short film by Cyriak, walking fingers have been used to portray the story of evolution of life on earth.

Watch the rest of the films in the series, after the jump.


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The Typographic Brilliance of the Dexter Print Ads Campaign

For those of you who don’t know already, Dexter is a highly controversial, Emmy award-winning TV series with a serial killer as its protagonist. The acclaimed series is broadcast by Showtime, a subscription based cable channel owned by CBS Corporation.

Dexter - Los Angeles Magazine To promote the third season of the series, the channel unleashed a series of print ads, which, interestingly enough,  resembled the covers of the popular magazines in which they ran. All the ads portray the boyishly handsome actor Michael C. Hall dressed to kill (ha, ha) in his Dexter Morgan avatar.


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