“Unreal Estate”- Art Show Explores Famous Pop Culture Locations


Spoke Art Gallery is presenting “Unreal Estate,” the debut art show of talented illustrator Tim Doyle, which recreates fictional locations made famous throughout pop culture. Doyle says that the show “is a collection of locations that many of us know and have been to on a weekly basis at times, but we can never actually visit.”

From Moe’s Tavern to the Bluth Banana Stand, Doyle’s realistic and illustrative reinterpretations of television’s most iconic places is a captivating voyage. For this new body of work, Doyle has moved away from his usually big bold colors and comic-book line quality to create a more illustrative style, with muted tones and colors that reflect a mood or time of day.  He attempts to preserve and honor the non-physical spaces found in this show with the same care and intention given to iconic real world locations.  This series is one artist’s intensely personal journey through a world which is universal to us all.

The show will have it’s opening night on February 2nd, 2012, from 6pm – 10pm. It will be on view till February 23, 2012.

Visit Spoke Art for more details.

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