Soaps Shaped Like Delicious Fruit


I’m loving these realistic-looking fruit shaped soaps, which are hand-made by master artisans in Turkey.

Fruit shaped soaps were first created three hundred years ago, when a small group of artisans living close to the Sea of Marmara in Turkey, made them specially for the Ottoman Palaces. The Sultans were so impressed with these handcrafted beauties, that they offered them as gifts to visiting royalty and other important dignitaries.

The soaps are available at Mocha, for prices from $13 – $31.

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Dove Onslaught Ad

This is Dove’s follow-up to the ‘Evolution’ commercial. Titled ‘Onslaught’, Dove wants to strike a chord among parents, with this new advertisement. While the concept is to be appreciated, the ad remains a commercial vehicle meant to sell soap/beauty products. It has been carefully “designed” to break through the clutter and provide brand recall. Still, full marks for creativity. And if it gets parents talking to their adolescent children, who are we to complain ?

Watch the video.

Watch the previous ‘Evolution’ commercial.

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