Superheroes – Past/Present



The most memorable superheroes are not just those with almost-supernatural powers or fantastic gadgets, but the ones with whom we empathize with the most. Comic book writers cleverly give these powerful beings wonderful origin stories, which not only lend them a touch of poignant vulnerability, but also justifiable reasons for their single-minded pursuit of justice.

Khao Ho, an illustrator from San Francisco, California, created this minimalist poster series to show us that “despite the trials of our past, what we choose to do moving forward is much more important to us and the world we share.”

Link to the artist’s site | Behance.

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Spidey Eyes

Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has been given a more sinister look in this fantastic t-shirt print designed by zerobriant, a multifaceted illustrator, graphic designer and photographer based in Cebu City,…

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Superhero Kid Silhouettes

A series of most-delightful illustrations, created using Photoshop by Andy Fairhurst.

On a more personal note, this brought back childhood memories of me spending countless hours pretending to be Superman.

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Superheroes in Their Cities


What would a comic book superhero be, without having a city to protect and operate from? Though Superman was brought up in the fictional town of Smallville, the equally-fictional Metropolis would be the city where he would find his true calling, and even love. The mean streets of Gotham city played a huge role in the rise of the brooding Dark Knight. New York city, with its towering buildings and dark alleys, is the perfect setting for Spider-Man to fight crime in.

Alex Litovka, a digital artist from Warsaw, Poland, designed this great series of posters, which feature various Marvel and DC superheroes against the skylines of their cities.

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Batman vs. Penguin Poster Print

“Batman vs. Penguin” & “Spiderman vs. Green Goblin” poster prints, by Simon C Page, a British illustrator and graphic designer. The prints are from his “Hero and Villain” series.

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Ugly Superman Spider-Man Hybrid Toy

Weirdo Toys’ Justin Gammon picked up this monstrosity at a toy show. It’s a freakish combination of Superman and Spiderman, with a dash of Batman to make things even more…

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